Freelance Commercial Photographer, Graduated From Faculty of Applied Arts - Helwan Univ. , Egypt
Department of Photography, Cinema and TV

For me images that hold the onlookers attention are precisely what I'm going for day in and day out. 
Passionate about photography of many different sorts and variations, acquired about 8 years professional photography experience working on exceptional inspiring projects that require intuitive and innovative styles.

What can I say, I don't take my work lightly and I like to use the best equipment available, so I've got some major camera equipment and lighting gear at my disposal which depends on your budget.

Worked as a freelance photographer and Videographer in many tasks for large and small companies, Production Houses and advertising agencies Like Strategies, Animation, Hama Film Production

Clients: BMW - Baraka Bank - Telecom Egypt - Somabay - Iwan Developments - M2 Developments - Marina Home - Kempinski - Pirelli - Badie Architects - L’Oreal - and many other Clients
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