Welcome to the captivating world of Tarek Salah,
 a Freelance Commercial Photographer with an unyielding passion for crafting visual narratives that transcend the ordinary.
 A graduate from the Faculty of Applied Arts at Helwan University in Egypt, specializing in Photography, Cinema, and TV, I bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to the table.
Based in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, my lens has captured moments across diverse landscapes, creating imagery that resonates with audiences on a profound level. 
With a commitment to arresting visual aesthetics, I strive to produce images that seize the onlookers' attention, offering a visual experience that goes beyond the surface.
Over the past decade, I have honed my craft through a myriad of projects, each requiring an intuitive and innovative approach. 
As a Freelance Photographer and Cinematographer, I've had the privilege of collaborating with both large and small companies, renowned production houses, and advertising agencies such as Tarek Nour, Good People, Strategies, Animation, Bigfoot, Hama Film Production, Takkah KSA, Fullframe KSA, and INNOCEAN
My portfolio boasts an impressive array of clients, including esteemed names like BMW, Hyundai, CIB Bank, STC , Saudi Arabia Railways, Toyota, Nissan, Pepsi, Klivvr, Lexus, Telecom Egypt, Somabay, Uber Eats, Kempinski Hotels, Talabat and many others. 
These collaborations have not only enriched my professional journey but also allowed me to contribute to the visual identity of diverse brands and industries.
Whether it's a dynamic advertising campaign, a cinematic project, or a corporate endeavor, my dedication to excellence remains unwavering. I am excited about the prospect of exploring new creative avenues and contributing my skills to projects that demand a distinctive and impactful visual presence.
Thank you for visiting my website, and I invite you to immerse yourself in the visual stories I've had the privilege of telling through my lens.
Best regards, Tarek Salah
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